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100 Years of Quality. Kirihara is Cardboard.


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We provide high quality, whether it's standard size or an original shape.
Main Products of Kirihara Container. We can handle orders for any cardboard needs you may have from normally used items to original shapes to match your product.
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PRODUCTS: Introducing Our Products
We make cardboard products that match your needs together with you.
From Order to Product DeliveryWe manufacture originally shaped products to match our customers' needs.
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Kirihara cardboard can wrap and protect anything from daily life items to industrial-use products.
ENVIRONMENT: Environmental Conservation Measures
As a cardboard manufacturer, we are implementing production procedures and activities that contribute to protecting the environment.
The recycling rate for cardboard is over 95%, making it an excellent industrial product from the perspective of environmental protection. The evolution of raw materials and technology together with improvements in strength and preservative performance has led to a further expansion of the range of use of cardboard. The spread of cardboard with its high recycling rate can greatly contribute to environmental conservation. Amid this, Kirihara, as a manufacturer, must meet the needs of our customers while also developing products that are environmentally friendly due to features such as high-strength but also lighter in weight, activities to increase the recycling rate = promotion of recycling mark display, and similar measures. We pledge to never forget our ongoing role in relation to environmental protection as we persistently and continuously carry out various efforts in that regard.
COMPANY: Company Information
Greeting: A message from our president
Profile: Overview of our company
History: History of our company
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COMMENTS FROM OUR STAFF: Our employees share their thoughts! Different aspects of Kirihara Container.
Founded in 1900. The history of Kirihara Container.
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Have a look at some nostalgic photos that have been stored away at Kirihara Container.